Legends of the Ninth World

The heroes of Redstone found themselves in the Ba-Adenu Forest, and the trading village of Druissi, known for the Numenera ruins it was built upon that supply the village with heat and power. A strange shadow had fallen over the village ever since a minor earthquake shifted the earth revealing parts of the ancient ruins that lay beneath.

A strange and toxic orange liquid had started to bubble up from the earth contaminating their homes and poisoning the water. Meanwhile, a religious sect that worships the Gods they believe to inhabit the ancient ruins beneath Druissi called The Hozai began to preach fear over the anger of the Gods.

Several of the villagers had suddenly dissappeared, still more had vanished in the wake of these strange events. The situation was ripe for the opportunistic heroes of our tale to offer aid.

Sean McCoy as always was interested in learning more about what was troubling the settlement. He along with his companions spoke with Megeth Crannog a serving girl at the Green Leaf Tavern and she told them of the recent events. McCoy sought out the mayor, Callum Tyr and offered his services to resolve the problems Druissi was facing. The Mayor was pleased and agreed to pay the heroes handsomely if they could find what was causing the leaks and possibly find out what happened to the missing villagers. He also inferred that if they could convince Nerr, the leader of The Hozai to stop riling up the townsfolk and spreading fear.

McCoy also met with a man Geirn who was concerned over the recent disappearance of his wife, Nella. With some careful questions McCoy was able to suss out that she voluntarily entered the ruins to discover the cause of the problem herself and had not returned after two days.

The Hozai had set up a vigil in front of a revealed opening into the ancient structure, but the adventurers cleverly deployed a gravity nullifying device that caused these guardians to float upward powerless to stop the heroes as they descended into the depths of the ruin.

Mercy nearly fell down a shaft that opened beneath her revealing how truly massive the structure is. After following the shaft that led into the ship for close to 100 meters they found themselves on a large mezzanine bordered by a metallic fence like lattice that overlooked a far larger chamber below. As they searched for a way to get down to that level and bypass the energized lattice work, they were best by large metallic spiders that dropped from the ceiling. Ill prepared to battle this threat Sohren and Mercy hoped to fend them off long enough for the rest of party to find an exit. McCoy found a hole in the floor that was the opening for a chute like exit to the large chamber below. Mercy almost lost her Father’s sword, but managed to fetch it up and escape before the Steel Spiders could get to her and along with the rest of her party, escaped.

In the large chamber the explorers found themselves in a strange sunless, interior jungle. Many strange white and blue plants that flourished in the dim light and damp conditions were also home to many strange alien insect creatures and small scurrying creatures of unknown energy.

Sohren and Mercy agreed to split up to scout two entrances at either end of the chamber. Sohren found a compartment at one end behind a door that appeared to be made out of shimmering liquid, but was not wet at all and was easily opened. In side he found banks of control panels in a room with translucent walls that allowed him to see the surrounding earth the structure was buried under. Sohren also believed that the structure was not merely a ruin but a ‘Chariot of the Heralds of Azetetoth’. He frantically began to touch and search every council. Meanwhile Mercy reported back that she found a doorway on the opposite side of the chamber that appeared to be made of what looked like ice. On her way back, Mercy also heard a voice from deeper in the large room crying out what she believed was the word “Geirn”, was it Geirn’s missing wife Nella?

McCoy upon hearing this directed Cotten and Mercy to look after Sohren who was overdue while he would check out the noise. McCoy was a bit anxious about this decision but being alone would allo him to assume his natural aspect as a Mlox and open his third eye and gather more sensory information that might possibly allow him to locate Nella.

McCoy found another chamber off of the main jungle chamber that had large 3’ steps leading down into a pool that was roughly 6’ deep. Climbing down the large stairs to get closer to the murmuring voices among which Mercy had heard Geirn’s name, McCoy was able to discern the face of a woman sitting just above the water lowly moaning the name. He was certain it was Nella, but he also soon discovered that her head along with those of other unfortunate travellers were actually connected to stalks resting atop the shell of a large crab like creature. McCoy was able to just get up the large stairs and back into the larger chamber and get away from the crab thing’s vicious pincers.


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