The Faceted Dome

This strange structure houses a Numenera device that appears to supress strange and disturbing dreams that afflict anyone within a days walk of this location. It is located near the village of Redstone in Seshar. The Dome is made up of triangular reflective facets that are cool to the touch.

To get inside a person must place their hand on the surface of the dome and focus on entering the structure. Doing so causes one of the man sized triangular facets to disappear temporarily and allow entrance into the structure. The inside is cool and the atmosphere is more temperate thanks to plants growing inside that provide some humidity and fresh air inside.

There are many consoles and banks of machinery that has no understandable purpose but a central pillar inside the dome houses a cylinder that is necessary to preventing the strange re-occurring dreams that afflicted the town of Redstone. The purpose of this structure and what the dreams are remain unknown.

Mercy, a Jack that helped to resolve the afflicted town of Redstone has decided to use the Dome as a place of refuge and to store important items. The other heroes may follow suit and use it as a refuge and base of operations while they explore the Ninth World.

The Faceted Dome

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