Redstone is a thriving village built along the canals of Seshar. It’s two claims to fame are the remarkable red colored stone gathered in the local quarry and it’s exceptional clave of Aeon Priests.

The red stone of Redstone is characterized the strange thin black lattice pattern that cover them. It always breaks down across 90 degree angles no matter how it is worked, which makes it a remarkable building material. It is famed far and wide for it’s light weight but incredible durability and is the source of the towns wealth and prosperity.

Redstone is also home to an exceptional clave of Aeon Priests. It is rumored that they once came from the Steadfast, but due to philosophical differences they left for The Beyond. They made Redstone their home and have kept it safe from raiders and abhumans that wander the canals and deserts of Seshar.

UPDATE: Redstone was afflicted by a strange malady that gave all those living in the area of the village and its immediate surroundings disturbing dreams. Unable to sleep the townspeople were starting to grow despondent and people began to flee. The heroes discovered the mystery of this strange affliction, a Numenera device that was transmitting the dreams until it was repaired.

Redstone has made a full recovery and has returned to the business of producing their famous red stone. They unfortunately no longer have a Clave of Aeon Priests and put out the call to any Aeon Priests looking for a home to take up residence in the village and even occupy the old Clave’s tower.


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