Legends of the Ninth World

The Nightmare Switch

So, have you heard of the disturbance in Redstone? Aye, seems the town suffers a strange affliction! Yes, the very town responsible for that remarkable red stone that many a builder covets for constructing buildings all over the south of The Beyond and even in the Steadfast! Its said, that the clave of Aeon Priests that make their home there have sent out a call for medicine to aid the people of the town. There are rumors that Redstone is dying and that if nothing is done, soon that strange red stone will be no more.

Aye, friend, its true a band of travelers was said to be heading there to find out more, and its said these travelers are Glaives, Jacks and Nano’s! So many and all in one place?! Whatever ills haunted Redstone, I had no doubt this band would get to the bottom of it!

Yes, ‘ole Deymish gave them passage on his boat. No man knows the Redstone route better than Deymish and he’s been traveling the canals of Seshar since he was a lad. He was loaded with medicine for the town and knew that bands of raiders also traveled the canals. Woe be any raider that locked horns with the likes of those with him!

What did they find in Redstone you ask? Well, let me tell you what I heard……


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