Veds Arctos

Veds Arctos is an Exiled Glaive who Howls at the Moon


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Veds Arctos is an exiled glaive who howls at the moon.

Tier: 1
Effort Limit: 1
Recovery Roll: 1d6+1


Might: 14
- Might Edge: 1
Speed: 12
- Speed Edge: 1
Intellect: 10
- Intellect Edge: 0


Sneaking – Trained
Foraging/Hunting – Trained
Finding Safe Havens/Shelters – Trained
Climbing – Trained
Social Interactions – Inability

Special Abilities

Loner: Does not benefit from other PCs providing assistance.

Practiced (Armor): Practiced in all armor.

Practiced (Weapons): Practiced in all weapons.

Bash (1 Might point): Attack causes one less damage but dazes the target for a round (the dazed condition increases the difficulty of all tasks by one step).

Beast Form: Five consecutive nights a month, transforms into a beast for 1 hour a night.
While transformed, +8 to Might Pool, +1 to Might Edge, +2 to Speed Pool, +1 to Speed Edge, can’t spend Intellect points (except to change back, a difficult 2 task), will attack every creature in short range. After reverting to normal form, take -1 penalty to all rolls for 1 hour (if no substantial creature was killed and eaten by you in beast form rolls are at -2 for 28 hours). Action to change back.

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Great Axe (HVY)
Crossbow (MED)
Beastskin Armor (MED)
Explorer’s Pack (50 ft. of rope; 3 days of rations; 3 spikes; hammer; warm clothes; sturdy boots; 3 torches; 2 minor glowglobes)


- Chronometer (show’s time between transformations)




Veds Arctos

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