Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy is a Mlox Nano who Works Miracles


Sean McCoy is a Mlox Nano who Works Miracles.

Tier: 1
Effort Limit: 1
Recovery Roll: 1d6+1

Might: 9
- Might Edge: 0
Speed: 9 (11 in Mlox Form)
- Speed Edge: 0
Intellect: 14
- Intellect Edge: 0


  • Numenera – Trained

    In Human Form:
  • Camouflage – Trained
  • Charm – Trained
  • Deception – Trained
  • Etiquette – Trained
  • Knowledge – Trained
  • Lore – Trained
  • Memory – Trained
  • Persuasion – Trained
  • Sneak – Trained

    In Mlox Form:
  • Speed Defense – Trained
  • Perception (Auditory or Visual) – Trained
  • Speed or Reflex Tests that are Non-Combat – Trained

    Special Abilities

    Onslaught (1 Intellect point): You attack a foe using energies that assail either his physical form or his mind. In either case, you must be able to see your target. If the attack is physical, you emit a short-range ray of force that inflicts 4 points of damage. If the attack is mental, you focus your mental energy to blast the thought processes of another creature within short range. This mindslice inflicts 2 points of Intellect damage (and thus ignores Armor). Some creatures without minds (such as automatons) might be immune to mindslice. Action.

    Scan (2 Intellect points): You scan an area equal in size to a 10-foot (3-meter) cube, including all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. Scanning a creature or object always reveals its level (a measure of how powerful, dangerous, or difficult it is). You also learn whatever facts the GM feels are pertinent about the matter and energy in that area. Action.

    Healing Touch (1 Intellect point): With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to one stat Pool of any creature. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time you attempt to heal the same creature, the task difficulty increases by one step. The difficulty returns to 2 after that creature rests for ten hours. Action.

    Protected: When your third eye is open, you project a force screen around yourself, gaining 1 point of Armor. Enabler.

    Unaffected: While in mloxan form, you may carry one extra cypher above your normal allowance.

    In Mlox Form:
  • Camouflage, Charm, Deception, Etiquette, Knowledge, Lore, Memory, Persuasion, & Sneak – Increase Difficulty by one step

    In Human Form:
  • Noncombat Speed & Perception Tests – Increase Difficulty by one step


Raised by Aeon Priests in the Pytharon Empire, Sean has little knowledge of his actual origin. His earliest memories are entirely centered around the Temple he was raised in. Despite this, he knows he does not belong. As a Mlox he naturally blends into his surroundings, but never forgets that he is entirely different from those people he is emulating.

Sean has the ability to remove wounds from anyone with a touch, and an uncanny understanding of any injury. When confronted with an injured individual, Sean feels an almost inescapable need to heal that person.

The Priests studied Sean’s healing ability, and often made use of it, but in the end Sean felt a need to seek out the injured, and has left the Aeon Priests to explore on his own.

Sean McCoy

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